The information we have put together for the Metropolitan Police timeline is believed to be correct, and is drawn from documents from the Metropolitan Police Historical Collection, transcribed by Ken Butler. We gratefully acknowledge the work of the staff of the Metropolitan Police Heritage Centre, Bernard Brown, the Metropolitan Police Women Association and all the others who have contributed to this project. Any pictures remain subject to the appropriate copyright.

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Events before 1829

Covering the start of policing in London, the establishment of the Bow Street Runners and the rise of Sir Robert Peel.

Events 1829 to 1899

The force adapts and grows alongside a more modern London with riots, the CID, fingerprints, and Jack the Ripper.

Events 1900 to 1945

Two World Wars and huge social and domestic upheaval brings many new challenges for the force.

Events 1946 to date

Post war changes include an increased role for women, rebuilding London and the growth of a multi-cultural society.